Dentist Pompton Lakes Cosmetic Mouthwash vs Therapeutic Mouthwash

Dentist in Wayne NJ area discuss the Cosmetic Mouthwash vs. Therapeutic Mouthwash: Which is Better for Daily Use?


Proper hygiene plays a crucial role in making ourselves presentable to the public. Having fresh breath all day long is one the dental goals that most people want. Hence, using mouthwash has become the new rage. There are basically two categories that all types of mouthwash falls, namely the cosmetic mouthwash and the therapeutic one.


Cosmetic Mouthwash

Cosmetic mouthwash is what we usually see in commercials. This type of mouthwash is not difficult to find since it is displayed boldly in drugstores and grocery stores. This mouthwash has its own pros and cons, though:



•    It temporarily covers up bad breath.

•    It leaves a mint taste to your mouth, making your mouth feel fresher.



•    Bacteria are not mainly killed since this kind of mouthwash only masks the stinky breath produced by bacteria that accumulate in your mouth.

•    The said mouthwash does not reduce Plaques, gingivitis, and cavities.



Therapeutic Mouthwash

Therapeutic mouthwash is ideally made for clinical purposes. Unlike cosmetic mouthwash, this type of mouthwash needs to be identified first by checking the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance on the container. Experts thoroughly check products with the said logo for its effectiveness and safety. Just like the cosmetic mouthwash, this one also has its fair share of pros and cons:



•    This is ideal for daily use since it kills bacteria and reduces plaque, gingivitis, and cavities.

•    Some products have fluoride that is necessary for the prevention or reduction of tooth decay.



•    It cannot eradicate bacteria fully, though it can aid in the prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases.


In a nutshell, therapeutic mouthwash is preferable when it comes to daily use. Just make sure you've checked with your dentist first for the acceptable fluoride dosage you can take. This is because most therapeutic mouthwashes contain such chemical.